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The Fall Of Helios

Posted by MrDarkminster - November 28th, 2021

Hey you your finally awake,

Jailbreak 2 / Jailbreak: Fall Of Helios (Under New Management)


I will be honest with you all on this, and as blunt as I can be. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the long anticipated Project Jailbreak 2 / Jailbreak: Fall Of Helios, has suffered due to poor management, controversy, infighting, and other misdoings, most of which were caused by or are directly pertaining to Jollybag, the former organizer of the Collab. He has recently been outed as having groomed a 14 year old sexually, as well as interacting sexually in multiple minor communities. In addition to this, his abuse to Kyuri has also finally been made a point of awareness amongst those in the community. He has done many other bad deeds to people, and as a result, has been removed from the project and as many assets as possible by him have been removed from the Collab. With this in mind, we will be reorganizing the content of the project so we can ensure a project people can be proud of without the taint of his Heresy. From here on out Dreadman, Shootdacheese and myself will be organizing the Collab progress.

This mainly will mean we are no longer aiming for a 2022 release date, and will instead most likely be sailing into Madness Day of 2023 to give all involved the optimal time needed for a good, quality product.

We already have some progress currently fit for public viewing. I will be updating my NG as often as I can for the project.



Mad Knight 2?


Their has been talks of a Mad Knight 2 with Gabe, but better to ask Gabe and the only way you are going to get Gabe to talk about that is beating him at Dota 2 so good luck with that.


(Art by Naviestyx)

´╗┐Friendly Advice


As a side note, for all that do for some reason read these posts. while I am super exited to work and help organize a Collab for the first time in my time in the MC Community. Let me make something clear for everyone else, I do NOT under any circumstances support nor a approve of all the NSFW acts you do to people in this community, from pedos to groomers, this shit isn't funny it is a seriously fucked up. And I encourage all of you to be better people and please tell someone if they are sexually harassing you cause your not alone and people want to help thoses in distress.

I swear, I am getting too old for this shit

Thank you

Darkminster and The FOH Team




im sorry who are you

Not Darksignal

Nah jk homie, best of luck. Sorry to hear about this shit


There goes another person from the community. Fuckin shame too, I trusted him with personal issues I've had in my life, and he broke that trust. He broke it hard.

Holy shit has the influx of children made every madness creator a pedophile like wtf is happening


Ahhahaha what a good community we've got here. Wonder who's next

I guess, I can redo some voice clips I sent to jolly.

Hit me up when you can then mate, I will make sure you get sorted out.

i think progress will be easier with jolly gone.

@R7dig7n hi r7

@BannedT Oh! Hello.

Out of all people, Jollybag? I can't believe it, man.

Will collab sprites still be used?

Yes, but all Jolly made assets will be remade

@MrDarkminster nice.

hey uh check your dms