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Grunt be like "This is fine"

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MacWrecker responds:

Nothing unusual is happening here.

I bet his Fellowship was around the 20s for being a Xeno Edge Lord ho!

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clee3rd responds:

its less than that
(only just 9 if I remember correctly)

I like the use of colour, it just fits the tone of madness, also it is a pretty sweet piece Noice work my friend, and have a Happy Madness Day.

deathink responds:

w00t! Thanks!

I am surprised you still remember all of us.

Pa4oo responds:

Oh I try believe me and thank you :D

Happy Madness Day Mr Jolly, also Lovely work as usual.

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Frost, Bitten!

Darklord defiantly looks better then previously I will even say he looks pretty damn close to the pictures I drawn.

All my other fave personalties are here too, not going to say who because I am not an Arse or am I?

All things aside you are improving everytime I see you.

I commend you for doing something I could never do, and for that I tip my hat to your deeds. Good job man, you earn't it.

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Pa4oo responds:

Oh my,thank you very much sir!

I like the reboot on your avatar, Row row fight the power! silly joke aside. Your Avatar defiantly looks more futuristic All that is missing is Laser guns. and you will be a the definition of futuristic. Looking at the older sprites very little changes that lead up to the new reboot.

Keep at it man

Oh you posted it here too cool, I call this art trade a success.

Where did Darklord come from? I did nothing this year mostly lay around on my backside, but thank you sir don't think for a moment you are getting away with this unrewarded. I have something special for all of you madness fans and animators coming along in my workshop of doom. Muahahahahhahahah

looks just like madnesscrazy123's version of Darklord

GabrielBarsch responds:

your art works were very significant to me, you deserve it

That Madness Hobo that appears once a year

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